Art: Leila Heller Gallery Exhibits Calligraffiti 1984 – 2013


Leila Heller is pleased to announce Calligraffiti 1984 – 2013, on view from September 5 – October 5. Originally curated in 1984 by Jeffrey Deitch (Director, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) at Leila Heller’s former uptown gallery, Calligraffiti explored a myriad of possible connections shared between the seemingly disparate styles of select mid-century abstract, U.S. graffiti, and calligraphic artists from the Middle East and its diaspora. The show includes a diverse palette of artists such as: Franz Kline, Jean Dubuffet, Cy Twombly, LA2, Keith Haring, Jean-Michell Basquiat, Leila Pazooki, El Seed, Shirin Neshat, Retna and many others. Location: 568 W. 25th Street.

For more information, click ish.

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